National College of Education, Shivamogga

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National College of Education, Shimoga - Alumni Association (NCE-ALUMNI)

Alumni association was reinstated on 01.04.2015. As on its development the first and foremost meeting was called on 27.04.2015 morning 10:30am. Post cards were posted to all alumni’s and invited the old students via phone calls. In  this meeting 45 alumni’s were present and development of association and related to  NAAC reaccreditation  discussions were done.

On the same day that is on 27.4.2015 alumni association was formed. In the place of old one this association the following objectives were kept under discussion :

  1. To bring together all the alumni's of National College of Education, Shimoga under a common forum.
  2. To provide opportunities to each members to have interaction among the alumni 's.
  3. To watch over, promote and protect the mutual interest of members and develop the spirit of co-operation.
  4. To involve the alumni 's in the developmental activities of the college and seek their co-operation with moral and monetary support.
  5. To act as liason between college and other public agencies.
  6. To provide monetary assistance to needy and deserving employees or their department in emergency/calamitous situation.
  7. To honor outstanding alumni of the College.
  8. To honor the employees of the college at their retirement and other occasions of importance.
  9. To establish an employment bureau and assist to secure suitable employment/ profession to our products.
  10. To provide financial assistance / scholarships to needy and outstanding students.