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Mon - Fri : 10:00 am - 05:00 pm
Saturday : 9:00 am - 02:00 pm


The B Ed library came into existence in 1964., In the midst of its excellent setup of academic activities, the library acts as a nerve center catering to the needs of the students, researchers and faculty members of the education and management and other humanities departments. The B Ed library has been shaped as a centre of excellence for academic and research pursuits, keeping it open to the changes brought about by information Technology. Today the library is housed in a independent building. 

To fulfill the vision and Mission of our institution, beautiful library was established with initial collection of 300 books and now it is rich with more than 19000 .To broaden and enrich the students’ quality in gaining relevant knowledge. To support in gaining specific services in the library we have qualified Librarian and trained assistant staff.

The college library has a three section building. The circulation section, with Librarian chamber,Reference Section and wide space for reading students with seating capacity of 50. The reference section with the seating capacity of about 20 readers. Here the students can refer to the latest books and old questions papers . this section provides current knowledge of events, where the students or staff can haves access to a number of books, journals, professional, academic and general magazines..


The library functions as an integral part of the college. The objectives of the library are

To build up a comprehensive and up to date need based collection of books, journals/


To organize the conventional and non-conventional information sources in the systematic manner in order to provide efficient and prompt services to the end users.

To disseminate information by issuing documentation lists and other Current Awareness Services for the benefit of teachers, researchers and students to keep them updated with the latest developments in their areas of their interest. 

To support the academic programmes offered ad curriculum requirements of the users.

To promote the reading habits of students and faculty of the college.

To support the educational, cultural activities of the college.

To develop self-learning skills of students

To provide desired information to the users on demand and mostly inanticipation

 To enter in to an arena of Information Communication Technology using Computer applications for quick and speedy information storage and retrieval

 The Library Resources are as Follows











Reference Materials










Student Memberships
This type of membership is open to all the students who got their admission to B.Ed, course in our college.

Teacher membership
This type of membership is open to all the permanent and guest faculty of the college

Administrative Membership
The Library facilities are also made available to the administrative staff of the college. So that they can make use of general books and general magazines of the library. 

Management Membership
The members of the National Education Society may also avail the library facility.


Borrowing Facility

Document delivery service is being provided for the user community to dissimilate right information at right time to right user for right purpose. The users of the B. Ed library can borrow books for a period of 10days.Borrower’s tickets will be issued to students, can borrow three books at a time.Faculty also borrow the books from the library and return for a period of 15 days. Users are informed to return / renew the borrowed books on or before due date to prevent the penalty of overdue charges.

SC / ST Book Bank Facility

The student who belongs to SC / ST and Other Economically Weaker can avail SC / ST book bank facility. Fair number of text books will be issued to each student for a period of one academic year in the cognitive subjects. 

OPAC Facility

Online Public Access Catalogue facility is being offered to the user community of the college in order to provide first hand information about the availability and location of the reading materials. Users can reserve the required reading material and the same will be issued on queue basis system.

New arrivals Display
Some selected titles of new books acquired by the library are displayed for the benefit of the readers.

Remote Access Resources

INFLIBNET N-List membership: Our college Students and faculties can access the online scholarly content e- resources of 6000+Journals,1,99,500+e books under N-List and 6,00,000 e books through NDL(National Digital Library)

Android app: Bed Library android app is provided to the users to access the sources remotely from anywhere they can

Reference Service

The Library is extending reference services to the users of the library. Most of the reference oriented Text books and General books have been kept in reference and active stack area for reference only by the users of the library. 

Orientation Programme

In order to create an awareness among the fresh students of the B.Ed. about the proper utilization of the library and its resources and services; to give first hand information about the library and to provide them a closer acquaintance and more familiarity about various aspects of the library system, the Library is being organized the Library Orientation Programme. This programme is an educative and informative and also bridges the gap between the library staff and user clients.

This Programme educates users about the physical arrangement and organization of the collection and also helps the user community to utilize the available resources, services and facility to the maximum extent..

Sections and Activities


Library provides both traditional and modern services.
* Acquisition Section
* Technical Processing Section
* Active Stack Area
* Circulation Section 
* Reference and Documentation Section 
* Periodical Section
* Property counter 

Activities / Services The Library conducts periodically the following user oriented professional activities:

* Document Delivery and Routine Library Housekeeping Activities 
* Acquisition and Processing of reading materials 
* Display of New Arrivals to Library 
* Current Awareness Service 
* User Awareness / Education Programme
* Orientation Programme to Fresh Students

Arrangement of Books

The information retrieval system presupposes the organization of information in a systematic and helpful order to facilitate rapid recall of any specific bit of information pinpointedly, exhaustively and expeditiously.

Library Hours

The library will be kept open from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm in all the working days.

Computerized library Catalogue: OPAC

According to “e-lib Software the users can search the computerized database OPAC-(Online Public access Catalouge) ,so that users can know what information sources are available in the library on the areas of their interest. 

a) by given author,
b) by a given subjects,

c) by a given title etc.,

Library Rules

⭐ Books which have been issued out are liable to be recalled at any time, when so recalled they must be returned to the Library within the specified time.

⭐ Readers shall not write upon, damage, or make any mark upon any book, manuscript, or map belonging to the library.

⭐ Erase of any mark of stamp, label etc. on a book or manuscript of map belonging to the Library will be considered as misconduct and justification/fine will be charged.

⭐ Any reader observing a defect, or damage to any book or manuscript shall point out the same to the Library Staff immediately.

⭐ A borrower shall be responsible for the safe custody and return of a publication issued to him. In the event of its being lost or damaged he/she will have to reimburse the cost/replace the documents as per the rules.

 Readers can borrow 3 Books for 10days.

⭐ Overdue charges will be laid on borrowed books and other reading materials as per the rules, if returned after the due date

⭐ Dictionaries, Encyclopaedias and other reference materials are not allowed to borrow for the readers.

⭐ No personal belongings including books are allowed inside the library.

⭐ Keep your personal belonging such as bags, books at in the property counter. Not to keep any valuables such as cash, mobile phones, ATM cards etc in the counter. Library or its staff are not responsible for loss of any valuables

⭐ Books borrowed on a particular day will not be accepted for return on the same day.

⭐ Mobile phones need to be switched off or kept in the silent mode before making entry to the library/reading hall. Talking over mobile inside the library/reading hall is strictly prohibited.

⭐ Maintain silence in the library.

⭐ The Library working Hours: 09-00 A.M to 6-00 P.M.